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Walsall Mistress

I am Countess Britannia, a powerful mature dominatrix with over 20 years experience within the fetish scene.

I do NOT OFFER any sexual services.

I seek slaves, sissies and subjects of all types who are willing and capable to serve and amuse me to the highest standard.

Be aware as I am no newbie to the scene and therefore do not tolerate ill manners, time wasting or sexist remarks from inferiors. As an established international dominatrix my tastes are refined, I am well travelled, well educated and enjoy only the finer things from life.

My nature is strict yet methodical, I am wickedly mischievous, and enjoy the great delights of laughter through humiliation, degradation and sufferance as I am amused by you. My temperament is spontaneous and cruel, a therapist of the darker desire. My play type varies and will change to suit my mood as I enjoy to keep things fluid for my greatest enjoyment.

How my heart sings at your whimper, a sharp cane strikes a backside, a tongue lick of my long leather boot. I may physically overpower you, and beat you down.or indeed I may use you as my human toilet. You may become my humiliated sissy or my adult baby…or just a male who is in need of some sensual domination and slave training. Oh the endless playground of options!

If you are one of the fortunate to serve me then do be prepared you shall fall weak to my charms, overcome, intoxicated by my power, The sadistic queen awaits her servants. It is then you shall know you have reached your correct position in life, kneeling at my feet awaiting instruction. I am the cat, and you my helpless prey.

Be true to that ache, that hunger that echoes deep inside, submit yourself and embrace your deepest fantasy.

True freedom exists only in the darkness of ones deepest desire

I am located in the West Midlands and work only from professional premises in the Walsall area.

At regular staggered periods I also session from a professional studio in Worcester and less frequently I visit Manchester where I occasionally film and session.

All studios are clean, discrete and offer a good range of various settings and equipment. Parking is available on site and a train station is within 10 minutes’ walk.

My telephone number is currently only given out after we have communicated via e-mail. Only once I feel you are suitable and worthy enough to serve will a time be given for you to call and confirm all arrangements.

Do note that ALL sessions require a deposit prior to visits.

NO deposit NO session.

Worcester Mistress